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In the Temple of Love it’s 2014,

Don’t be confused Princess is back on the Scene, with a Trilogy of work - ‘The Emergence The Passion, The One’

A Trilogy, is defined as “a set of three works of art that are connected and that can be seen, either as a single work, or as three individual works”.

Now a Drum Roll …

Don’t be confused by the passage of time! Here in the flesh, I’m your reason your rhyme

‘The Emergence’, defined as ‘coming into the light from obscurity, pain or darkness, with dance.’ ‘The Emergence’ is a dance album, celebrating dance as ‘the breath of life made visible’.

Remember me No.1 Girl on the Block, any which way I been raising the stock

‘The Passion’, defined as “any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling as love, hate - in other words - ‘It hurts so good . ‘The Passion’, celebrates just that –‘ passion’.

On the Front Line facing oozis and glocks - yeah it’s me, better check your chi

‘The One’, defined as, ‘being a single entity’ or ‘characterized by Unity, undivided’ or ‘A person’s desired life partner’, OR in this case

‘The One Consciousness’.

Raise it up high, you wanna mix it with me, the youth dem hail me like an icon, fools wanna treat me like a ‘dumb blonde’, tryin’ to deny me my right place to be - but I’m back on my throne, naturally.

‘The Emergence’ is out now! Go to our store to get it now!


Legendary artist PRINCESS whose discography includes the multi-million seller ‘Say I’m Your Number One’ and whose debut album ‘PRINCESS’ went gold, is now enjoying a rebirth with her new album release, ‘The Emergence’.

Born in London as Desiree Heslop, ‘PRINCESS’, as she is known now, grew up listening and singing to artists as diverse as Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, The Beatles, Joni Mitchell, and Donny Hathaway and including bands like Weather Report, indicates the scope of her childhood listening experience.

PRINCESS became more aware of her own vocal ability during some pivotal events in her life.

At the end of the UK primary school year, her music teacher coerced her into singing a solo at the last assembly before class headed to secondary/high school. After the solo, teachers and friends were crying and hugging her as if she’d just walked on water, she thought, “I like this!”

Seeing Stevie Wonder, at Wembley Stadium, had cast such a spell on PRINCESS, and others attending the concert, that the crowds leaving Wembley parking area were generous and polite to each other – giving up right-of-way. That was mystical- unheard of! Some 15 years later, Stevie Wonder came to a recording session she was doing in New York, bringing it full-circle for PRINCESS … Beyond thrilling!!!

She was washing dishes and singing ‘Say A Little Prayer’, by Aretha Franklin. Her brother, Don, had been visiting from Germany during the school summer holidays, heard her singing. After the initial shock and delight that his little sister could sing so well, he became determined that the world should hear her, too! At this point she received the name PRINCESS, after her brother and manager, Donovan Heslop, dreamt that she should be renamed as such.

Encouraged and supported by her brother and family, PRINCESS did session work and live back up vocal work. Finally, her vocals caught the attention of Stock, Aitken, and Waterman. The first session with them was a sensational and pivotal moment; they simply loved her work. The first single, ‘Say I’m Your Number One’, and went on to be a multi-million-selling hit, followed by three more hit singles released from the eponymous first album ‘PRINCESS’.

The second album, ‘ALL FOR LOVE’, was recorded under the Polygram umbrella (PRINCESS had changed labels). With four different production teams working on the album, PRINCESS, enjoyed the enviable opportunity of working with American top tier, musicians and producers, including Ballard and Magness and Siedah Garrett of ‘Man in the Mirror’ fame, by Michael Jackson!

PRINCESS was dubbed ‘Hot Chocolate’ by ‘Black Moses’ himself, Mr. Isaac Hayes, after he heard his rendition of ‘The Sweeter He Is’, a soul classic written by Isaac Hayes and David Porter and sung originally by the incredible ‘Soul Children’.

It’s 2014 and with a new single and video ‘I’m Gonna Love Ya’ is the first single from the newly released album, ‘The Emergence’ from the OnDa Ground Music Label, for which PRINCESS is Executive Vice President and co-owner.

‘I’m Gonna Love Ya’, is really a love letter to her fans. They have proven to her that music, for all its attention to timing, is timeless! 2014